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Illustration several other aquarium projects.

On this page you will find next to illustrations of aquariums in construction process and made?? aquariums, a number of other structures which aqua design x-designed and made?? Such as ponds and wooden pyramids.

Aquarium construction preces from A to Z

In big steps we show you how a Aquadesign-x aquarium is established.

Photo left;
For every good end product is a good foundation necessary, which is why our bases with the greatest precision welded and finished.

Photo bottom center;
The actual aquarium being built and once it is sealed, get it eventually tested before further construction takes place.

Photo bottom right;
Aquarium and chassis are brought together and the pipes and other necessary be built.

Photo right;
The final finishing phase is put in motion to the aquarium to give the aquarium the looks by the wishes of the customer.

Already running aquariums

Of course it is not possible to show all previously made Aquariums in full regalia. But in addition, we believe that you get a good impression of what's possible with Aquarium Design-X

If you're interested, we would like to inform you about all the possibilities we have to offer as Aquarium Design-X.

MAF Ponds

Besides aquariums, we design and also build ponds. Like our aquariums are the ponds to get in the by the costumer desired dimensions.

These are also made ??of high quality Concrete Plywood and are highly resistant to the outdoor conditions.

Moreover, they can be put on to any desired depth in the ground and even just to put on the pavement because they can keep the water pressure. With ease

In modern gardens they look very nice.


To preserve the memories of a fantastic holiday a customer would like something special.

These pyramids are equipped with everything you need to actually run A biotope.

In the evening, the pyramids give a stunning effect to the interior.

Moreover, they are also a good example of what's possible on Aquadesign-x



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