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We hope that this tour on our new website connoisseurs.

Already more than 20 years ago, also began our aquarium adventure as a hobby, out of passion for the underwater life. It was widely experimented by us and fish care and maintenance of their stay of third parties was a daily activity.

The result was that there was a foundation "Nature Underwater" was founded in 2001 and already there was the current MAF aquariums its current form.

After having worked for years in the first instance from a garage a few years back it was really time for a necessary expansion.

Garage from where we worked long years

The temporary former home of Aqua Design-x
Initially this was a workshop where we thought it provisionally to advance but eventually we would just sit for a year.

Meanwhile we moved in early 2012 to a larger location and some hand tools has made room for bulky machines, which can Delivered even greater precision

Moreover, we know this to keep waiting times within reasonable standards although it remains handicraft always take time.

With the advent of a larger workshop, modern machinery, it is now time to become a clear matching website. We hope you enjoy browsing our website and of course we like to see you back in our company!

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